UK Fuel Shortage: When Will it End?


Throughout the UK the fuel shortage is soon to be entering into its second week, seeing motorists queueing at filling stations and reducing their travel plans. However, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has described the situation as ‘stabilising’, and we see some supplies in regions of the UK improve.  

Traffic light system to monitor fuel shortage (Picture: PA/ 

Using the traffic light system, areas marked red have 20% or less in fuel supplies, such as London, the South East, the North West, the West Midlands and the East Midlands.

However, North East, Yorkshire, and Wales have improved, as they were moved from red to amber. Whilst Scotland and Northern Ireland have already moved to green.

Measures have also been put into place to control the consumption of petrol and diesel as almost 400 BP, Shell, Esso and Texaco petrol stations have implemented a £30 fuel limit. However, drivers will discover that not all filling stations have this measure in place to tackle panic buying and fears of shortages. Take a look at the EG Groups map of petrol stations to see your nearest location.  

The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), has found 27% of stations running out of fuel for the past two days. Yesterday, they have surveyed 1,200 garages across the UK and found only 52% reporting the site having both petrol and diesel in stock. With a worryingly, 21% having only one option available and 27% were completely out of stock.  

As a whole, the fuel shortage doesn’t seem to be improving anytime soon, so as motorists we should remain cautious with our usage and conserve the fuel we have in our tanks.  

Small changes to our driving styles can ensure we save fuel. So, try these simple methods when you are driving:  

  1. Use the highest gear, within the speed limit and have a light right foot. 
  2. Anticipate: don’t lose momentum. Drive as smoothly as possible, gently using the steering, accelerator and brakes. 
  3. Combine your journeys – a warm engine is more efficient.  

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