Take control of your biggest expenses: people, fuel, and vehicles

There is no additional hardware required. Using smartphone sensors, the Praiso app gathers and assesses driver behaviours such as speeding, cornering, harsh acceleration, braking, and mobile phone distraction.

Improving driver behaviour makes your drivers and the roads they travel on safer, and enhances your brand's reputation. Our award-winning cloud-based learning management solution lets you better manage driver risk by transforming telematics data into automated in-app training, providing each of your drivers with a personal digital driver coaching system.


Customer Stories

We admit it, we're probably a little bit biased.
So don't just take our word for it about Praiso's benefits, read some of our customer success stories explaining how they have improved safety, saved costs and engaged their drivers by using Praiso.

How has partnering with Praiso helped you and your customers?

“If an organisation can win the hearts and minds of the drivers with a well-delivered driver behaviour strategy, they are more likely to succeed in delivering much safer driving standards and practices. Praiso help deliver this with a system that deals with driver engagement at the heart of their product.”

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Gary, would you recommend Praiso?

“I'd definitely recommend it, indeed I have recommended it to others. It's the way forward for driver training and driver behaviour.  Any fleet manager who took Praiso on board would see the benefits of it within the first few months.”

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Krispy Kreme

Ben, how has Praiso impacted your driver’s behaviour?

"Looking at our average score across the fleet today, it’s the highest score we've ever achieved. It makes me feel proud and it's great knowing that our fleet of drivers are delivering smiles to our customers, whilst driving safely."

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Will Praiso work for you?

Praiso’s SaaS delivery model operates across all platforms, including desktop computers and mobile devices like phones and tablets. Drivers can easily switch between devices to complete feedback and interactive training.

Safer driving for all shapes and sizes

Praiso is a must-have tool for drivers who want to automatically track mileage for easy fuel expense reporting. Trips can be selected as business or personal, and mileage reporting can be exported on demand.

Automated driver licence checks for the entire fleet is also available to fleet managers. To reduce the likelihood of future licence endorsements, driver training campaigns are dynamically triggered.
It's your chance to use impactful technology to set a new standard in road safety.


Meet your compliance, safety and duty of care obligations

Sign up for an intelligent, data-driven solution for driver behaviour. Replace inefficient, old-school and classroom-based learning with Praiso. We never leave your drivers.


Award-winning driver behaviour content as standard

Interactive, entertaining, educational and gamification-themed expert content underpins our ground-breaking proposition.

Praiso's extensive library of digital content has been developed by a team of internationally recognised expert driver coaching specialists. We take your current telematics data, interrogate, decipher and translate it into expert, interactive, digital driver training insights and coaching.

Uniquely, you can extend Praiso's library with your own driver training content to cater for specialist equipment or bespoke training needs, providing an even more tailored solution for your specific operation.

If you're a driver training content provider, Praiso offers you an exclusive platform to modernise the delivery of your services to your customers. Get in touch to partner with us today.